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Give your customers the advice they need

Have your customers be in the know about the ever changing regulations in travel

Travelling now is complicated

In response to the Coronavirus, governments around the world are adjusting their travel and social policies to try to keep the virus at bay.

Many people want to travel, but don’t know the latest requirements and situation at their destination. They have to search themselves to make their decisions or spend time on calls with travel agents.

Give your customers access to this information through updates sent straight to their inbox and through integration in to your platform.

All the information you need

Easy To Use API

Give your customers real-time feedback at any point on the status of travel allowed in their destination country.

Our API provides information for almost any destination sourced from official government advice.

Easily managed

All you need to do is integrate our API or User Itinerary service in to your platform - we'll take care of the rest.

Get your integration live in days, not weeks or months.

Stay up to date

Our User Itinerary Service provides your customers with updates on their destination leading up to and throughout their trip.

Get a clear view of the requirements for travel and the situation in the destination country.

Transparent Pricing

Only pay for what you use. Pricing is tiered, so the more you use the cheaper each request becomes. Easily keep track of your usage through our dashboard and email notifications.


Make requests directly through our dashboard to see the latest status in any country. Manage your usage and billing, and access FAQs and documentation.


We're here to help our customers and are available for support queries when you need us.

What you can do with Travel Advice API


We give you an overview of the restrictions at a given destination including a recommendation, requirements for testing, certification and quarantine, and an overall risk level.

Detailed data on airlines, school closure, workplace closure, public transport, internal travel and much more is available. We also include US state data.


The API provides a clear overview of the travel advice for a given destination. Make it easier than ever to recommend action to your customers.


Full documentation is available, including Frequently Asked Questions, right in the dashboard. We also provide Postman collections for your integrating team.


Let customers be notified of any regulatory changes prior to their departure, and keep them up to date during the duration of their trip.


We allow advice for itineraries across destinations, giving a summary which has all requirements taken in to account.


At between $5 and $15 per trip including your markup, the service provides piece of mind at an affordable price. Get extra revenue and provide real value.

Give the full picture

We include detailed COVID19 data for the destination country, allowing you and your customers to understand the situation fully.

With our custom metrics you can see at a glance if the situation is improving or worsening. You and your customers can make travel decisions fully informed.


Start Up

$3010,000 Req

  • $0.025 per additional API request
  • Most recent data
  • Basic support


$9050,000 Req

  • $0.015 per additional API request
  • All data
  • Premium support


$250100,000 Req

  • $0.005 per additional API request
  • AI powered recommendations (coming soon)
  • Premium support

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